Fundamentals of Engineering Exam: Sagittarius Group

The Fundamentals of Engineering exam is the first exam in becoming a licensed professional engineer. It is administered twice a year by NCEES, once in October and April. Students who are in their senior year or have just graduated are encouraged to take the test, while material that was just studied is fresh in their minds. The computer based exam is 6 hours long, composed of 2 sections. The first section contains multiple-choice questions that test on basic engineering principles. The second section is tailored to your specific major, containing only 60 questions. After taking the exam, you will immediately know if you passed or failed due to the computer based testing.  Seven to Ten days later one will receive their results. If passed, one is classified as an Engineer-in-Training. Engineer-in-Training must work under a licensed professional engineer for at least 4 years before being allowed to become a licensed professional engineer.

One should consider taking the FE exam because it allows you to professionally state yourself as an engineer. Other benefits include work as an engineer consultant, practice in other states and ultimately add prestige/authority to your title in the engineering field.